Thursday, 16 August 2018

Nicks 2019 F1 Driver Predictor

It's mid August of 2018 and the driver Merry Go Round has already started. Here are some of my predictions for the remaining unannounced driver/team combinations for 2019.

Scuderia Ferrari
Sebastian Vettel - Confirmed for 2019
Kimi Räikkönen - Nicks Predicts a move to Sauber replacing Charles Leclerc

Force India-Mercedes
Sergio Pérez  Nicks Predicts he will stay
Esteban Ocon Nick predicts to be replaced by Lance Stroll

Romain Grosjean Nicks Predicts he will stay
Kevin Magnussen Nicks Predicts he will stay

Stoffel Vandoorne - Nicks Predicts he will stay
Fernando Alonso - Confirmed leaving in 2019. Replaced by Carlos Sainz Jr.

Mercedes AMG 
Lewis Hamilton - Confirmed for 2019
Valtteri Bottas - Confirmed for 2019

Red Bull Racing 
Daniel Ricciardo - Confirmed leaving in 2019 to replace Carlos Sainz Jr at Renault
Max Verstappen - Confirmed for 2019

Nico Hülkenberg - Confirmed for 2019
Carlos Sainz Jr. - Confirmed leaving in 2019 to replace Fernando Alonso at McLaren

Marcus Ericsson Nicks Predicts he will stay
Charles Leclerc - Nicks Predicts a move to Ferrari replacing Kimi Raikkonen

Toro Rosso 
Pierre Gasly - Nicks Predicts a move to Red Bull replacing Daniel Ricciardo
Brendon Hartley  Nicks Predicts he will stay

Williams Martini Racing 
Lance Stroll  - Nicks Predicts a move to Force India replacing Esteban Ocon
Sergey Sirotkin - Nicks Predicts he will stay

Nick also Predicts In coming
Williams - Robert Kubica to replace Lance Stroll
Toro Rosso - Lando Norris to replace Pierre Gasley

Nick also Predicts Out Going
Force India-Mercedes - Esteban Ocon replaced by Lance Stroll

Nick Dicembre

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